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Автор: Polarfox
ID темы: 280
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Profile Scaner - page
v7.02.xx supported (tested on 7.02.06)


What is it?
Universal page for viewing, testing, and "interacting" with users.
Useful for monitoring suspicious actions of users and bots - for example: the spam-bot delivers the spam-link into its own signature and leaves, but you can search through all the signatures (for userfield - user_sig - example masks: *[/url]* or *[url=* ).
Now you can kick all these shine metal arses, no one escapes.

Is it can help?
  • user-list, looks like table, but with some actions, basic data and "current" (or selected) usefield.
  • you can sort this user-list as needed [order] by any usefield (asc and desc)
  • search or filter with special symbols * and _
  • invisible for search engines

  • Copy all the files from archive
  • Make a link to the pscaner.php (if needed, make this link visible only for admins)

Remove all the files (locales + main file)

$sett['prs_access'] = 102;//access for this group id (admins by default)
$sett['prs_pagemax'] = 20;//max users on page
$sett['prs_pagembtns'] = 6;//max buttons in "pagination"

How to do something awful
  • Select usefiles, by default there is 5 static UF:

Static (permament) usefileds
user_name - search/filter + sorting by user name (or nick/login)
user_email - same for e-mail
user_ip - same for IP
user_joined - sorting by registration date , because of mad date values you won't like to use the filter, but you can try (for example 1377777777 - it's timestamp ) .
user_lastvisit - as user_joined, but sorting by last online date

  • Set order - asc[ending] / desc[ending] order
  • If necessary, enter the text to search/filter
  • Use button _Apply_

Help or hints
Special symbols (for text filter/search):
* (asterisk) - any symbol (one) OR symbols (more than one)
? (question mark) - only ONE any symbol

  • Masks: symbols supported by filter/search * and _, don't forget to ass some of these in your *any word* or w?rd otherwise, maybe, your search will be unsuccessful.
  • About dates: at the top - registration date, at the bottom - last online date
  • All your userfileds should be supported


Several special symbols like <> etc, will be filtered by PF...

Support thread
Download this

Download free, without registration:
Download this
unLogic creator | For English speaking users
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