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Автор: Polarfox
ID темы: 143
В этой теме сообщений: 1, просмотров темы: 6574.
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Friendly URL for any static page
v 7.01 compatible with admin page, without - any version compatible.

Friendly URLs to any static page (you can use non static too, but it can't works...
Read more here http://en.wikiped...iendly_URL

Look at my navigation links - where /page/ inside. Here it is.

Set up!
Copy files from _ROOT to your web-root.

* FTP-mode (manual):
Insert in list.txt needed fURLs like these my_page page_name.php?optional=parameter&or=two (f-url _SPACE_ link to the page [optional parameters] from basedir)
Make link to your page page/my_page.html
* Web-mode (with admin panel): (см. выше как редактировать)
Make file list.txt writable (chmod 777)
Login with superadmin rights, open yoursite/page/
If all is ok - admin page is displayed.
You can change this file by admin panel, and preview the links.

You able to use GET variables file.php?id=1 (or viewpage.php?page_id=1) - all variables will be native GET vars. (as in typical page)
RewriteEngine support needed.

Download Download this
Изменил(а) Polarfox, 5.06.2011 06:18:46
unLogic creator | For English speaking users
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